My story

Martin Přidal enjoys a career as a classical and electric guitar performer, music producer, recording engineer and teacher.

Martin received his university education at Brno University of Technology and Technical University of Ostrava (Czech republic) where he earned a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering and Applied Informatics in 2016. During his continuos classical guitar studies he worked as a guitar teacher in the School of the Arts Alfréda Radoka until 2014, when he moved to Portugal for further studies and later began his travels to Brasil.

During this time Martin got heavily involved in the Brazilian music circuits of samba, choro, forró pé de serra styles and takes an active part in world music project Tandava – Dance of Gods, Brazilian singer- songwritter Carol Mello’s A-Cor-Da, Tropical-fusion guitar band Amazonica, Maratge – Original ocean inspired acoustic project, Bossa nova/jazz duo Abaporu and as a session guitarist.

After his studies Martin began performing professionally, and has concertized throughout Europe and Brasil. In one of Martin’s solo concerts one can expect a mix of popular classical guitar music and pieces of Latin American essence.  In colaboration with other artists emphasis is also put on improvisation. Martin currently also plays extended range, both classical and electric 8-string guitars.

My Videos