My story

Martin Přidal is a musician and teacher who has pursued his passion for classical and electric guitar performance, music production, and recording engineering. He holds a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering and Applied Informatics from Brno University of Technology and Technical University of Ostrava, which provides a strong foundation for his musical endeavors.

As he pursued his classical guitar studies, Martin also taught guitar at the School of the Arts Alfréda Radoka. His love for Brazilian music led him to Portugal and later to Brazil, where he immersed himself in the country’s vibrant music scene. There, he played with various world music projects, including Tandava – Dance of Gods, Carol Mello’s A-Cor-Da, Amazonica, Maratge, Abaporu, and more, showcasing his passion for Brazilian music styles such as samba, choro, and forró pé de serra.

Martin has had the privilege of performing in concerts across Europe and Brazil, which he attributes to his dedication and passion for music. His solo concerts showcase a blend of popular classical guitar pieces and music that embodies the essence of Latin America, often with improvisation. He is humbled by the opportunities he has had to share his love of music with audiences and is grateful for the positive reception he has received. Martin is also proud to have developed a unique playing style, thanks in part to his extended range classical and electric 8-string guitars.

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