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Martin Přidal is a musician and teacher with a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering and Applied Informatics. This blend of technical expertise and musical passion informs his pursuits in classical and electric guitar performance, as well as music production and recording engineering. With a strong foundation in both fields, he approaches music creation with innovation, embodying a multidisciplinary approach that combines technical know-how with artistic expression.
As Martin pursued his classical guitar studies, he also dedicated himself to full-time teaching. His love for Brazilian music led him to Portugal and later to Brazil, where he immersed himself in the country’s vibrant music scene. Additionally, he played with various world music projects, including the world-class ladino artist Nani Noam Vazana, where he showcased his talent for flamenco-inspired guitar. He is a founding member of projects such as Dance of Gods, featuring organic trance music with 8-string guitars, Carol Mello’s A-Cor-Da, an autoral MPB project, and Amazonica, known for its electric tropical forró vibes. Beyond these, Martin embraced versatility in genres like funk, jazz, and rock with band like Cirkus Láskohrad, reflecting his passion for diverse musical styles.
Martin has had the privilege of performing in concerts across Europe and Brazil, attributing these opportunities to his dedication and passion for music. His solo concerts are a fusion of popular classical guitar pieces and music that captures the essence of Latin America, often featuring improvisation. He is humbled by the chance to share his love of music with audiences and is grateful for their positive reception. Martin takes pride in his unique playing style, which has been shaped by his use of extended range both classical and electric 7 and 8-string guitars.

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