At the moment I teach all the private classes online.

Usually, I prepare homework assignments for my students to practice between classes. This particular one was about choro rhythm, chord inversions, and how to connect them. It is an extra step bonus material for my students to practice what we went through in-depth during the class. A tool to help you focus, economize your time, and never forget again what your class was about 😉

After some classes and commited work over time, we get something like this. It’s still basically a “study/exercise”, because the idea is to improvise this kind of phrases. But it will surely get you moving in the right direction 😉

It's Time to Start Your music lessons

Classical and electric guitar

I will teach you classical or electric guitar. Technique, harmony, repertoire from classical to popular music. References are available upon request.

Professional experience

Experience as a full time music teacher in a public school of the arts. Currently only private lessons.

Individual approach

Absolutely individual approach taylored to your specific goals and wishes. I offer a free short online trial to get to know each other before we start.

Online lessons

I offer online guitar lessons. You will a computer or phone with a high speed internet, a webcam, microphone and speakers/headphones.